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MARA Mentoring Session 4 & 5 Recap!

Updated: Apr 18

During their 4th session on January 27th, mentees explored essential strategies for successful job searches. From refining LinkedIn profiles to mastering resume writing and leveraging connections for referrals, participants gained crucial insights. Crafting compelling personal narratives and connecting with mentors, recruiters, and employers became pivotal tools in navigating the professional landscape.

Following which, on February 17, 2024, mentees embarked on a journey to sharpen their interview skills, gearing up for upcoming job opportunities. Led by seasoned HR professionals, mock interviews provided invaluable practice, covering technical aspects and cultural fit assessments. With each scenario tackled, confidence grew, aligning personal narratives with long-term career aspirations.

Stay tuned for the next enriching session of MARA Mentoring, where further growth opportunities await! 🌟💼

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