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MARA Mentoring session 2 & 3 Recap!

Updated: Apr 18

Throwing it back to MARA Mentoring sessions that were held in 2023! In the second session of MARA Mentoring on October 28, 2023, participants delved into the intricacies of navigating career transitions. Esteemed speakers illuminated the current job market dynamics and shared invaluable insights on crafting compelling narratives for career shifts. Emphasising the merits of starting with entry-level roles, mentees gained a comprehensive understanding of career progression.

Building on this foundation, the third session on November 25, 2023, focused on the art of networking. Mentors imparted essential conversational techniques and storytelling strategies to foster meaningful connections. Mentees were encouraged to embrace curiosity and openness during a networking lunch, where they engaged with diverse individuals to expand their professional network.

Stay tuned for future MARA Mentoring sessions, where enriching discussions and opportunities for growth await!

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