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EXPLORE seeks to establish meaningful professional networks and introduce Malay/Muslim students in secondary schools and local madrasahs to diverse career opportunities spanning various industries.

By the numbers


Programme structure

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A 4-part workshop that seeks to help students prepare for a meaningful career in life. Topics range from identifying personal strengths to exploring viable pathways and developing actionable plans to advance their career aspirations.

EXPLORE @ Madrasah

Similar to EXPLORE Careers, EXPLORE Madrasah is a 4-part workshop which caters to the personal and career-based development of madrasah students. As part of our efforts to ensure that our programmes reach out to broad segments of the Malay/Muslim community, EXPLORE Madrasah uplifts and empowers youths from full-time madrasahs to discover and unlock their aspirations. 

EXPLORE Industries

An annual event designed to deepen students’ understanding of specific industries and / or occupations through hands-on experience.

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