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Future Leader Initiative (FLi) 2023: The Importance of a Proper Dialogue

Updated: Apr 19

On October 28, 2023, we embarked on the inaugural session of FLi 2023! MENDAKI Club's Future Leader Initiative (FLi) is dedicated to fostering networking among Malay/Muslim (M/M) community volunteer leaders, a crucial aspect of MClub's capacity building and succession planning.✨

The primary goal of this session was to delve into the importance of dialogue and the evolving landscape of community leadership roles. The discussion equipped community leaders with the skills to craft compelling narratives and forge impactful, collaborative partnerships. 🤝

This gathering underscored the pivotal role of leaders in promoting open dialogue, creating an environment where individuals feel empowered to freely express their thoughts and ideas.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our FLi journey 🤗

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