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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are our target audience?
    Our target audiences are primarily Malay/Muslim working professionals and students in tertiary institutions. We conduct enrichment activities for younger aspiring Malay/Muslim students, in secondary schools (the Young Minds’ Club YMC) and pre-university institutions (the Talent Development Programme TDP). These enrichment activities are an important means of enabling our older members to contribute in the local and international arena.
  • What is MENDAKI Club (MClub) and what do we do?
    MENDAKI Club is a community of Malay/Muslim young professionals and students who are actively involved in local and international affairs. It strives to engage them in a range of activities, and on issues of current interest, that can contribute to making them world-ready and globally competitive.
  • How does MClub contribute to society?
    Service is a key component of many of our programmes. Our Young Minds Club, for instance, is an enrichment programme with a core Service Learning component. Such activities allow us to contribute to society while at the same time inspiring our young through the learning potential of such work. In addition, we seek to provide young Malay/Muslims with role models and exposure to critical issues of the day, to ensure that our young are constantly developed and prepared to be competitive internationally. We also build bridges to strengthen our understanding with other communities locally and internationally.
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