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About MENDAKI Club

We engage in strategic youth development initiatives and participate actively in discussions on current developments in the local and global arena.


We also strive to build bridges within and beyond the Malay/Muslim community, to promote mutual understanding and cooperation. MClub was launched in 2000 by then-DPM Lee Hsien Loong and constantly seeks new and interested individuals to be part of its growing community.

As a registered society affiliated to the Malay/Muslim Self-Help Group Yayasan MENDAKI, the activities and programmes of MClub are largely organised and run by volunteers from a diverse range of professions and backgrounds.


Empowered Youth,

Progressive Community

MENDAKI Club, or MClub, is a community of Malay/Muslim young professionals and students who are engaged in general affairs concerning the community, Singapore and the world.


If you would like to reach out to us directly on any enquiries or collaboration opportunities, please write to us at:


Interested to make a difference in the Malay/Muslim community?

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Brand guide

View our collated Brand Communications guidelines in the following link.

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