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ExploreCAREER with Madrasah concludes with ExploreSELF!

On September 23rd, we marked the conclusion of our ExploreCAREER workshop series with our Madrasah students! 🧒📚⁠


The final chapter, ExploreSELF, allowed students to look back on their transformative journey throughout the Explore workshops.💡 They embarked on a profound exploration of their personalities, gaining insight into what makes them unique. 🌈⁠


Through an engaging RIASEC activity, students fostered self-awareness, and ignited self-confidence. 💪✨ Students discovered their strengths and skills, understanding how to refine and nurture them for future success. 🚀🔍⁠


To cap off this remarkable day, our students penned heartfelt letters to their future selves. 💌✨ This reflective exercise provided a moment of introspection, a canvas for their aspirations, and a roadmap for self-improvement. 🌠⁠


Cheers to a bright future filled with self-discovery and growth! 🌟

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