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#Throwback to an inspiring start to our ExploreCAREER series in 2024

#Throwback to an inspiring start to our ExploreCAREER series in 2024, kicking off with ExplorePATHWAYS, in collaboration with MTS! 🚀

This year, we've expanded to 12 MTS centres from 4, reaching even more eager minds. The team launched the first day of MTS with ExplorePATHWAYS, giving students a chance to delve into their strengths and career aspirations.

This workshop was all about self-discovery and exploring potential career paths. Students engaged in reflective activities to uncover their interests and personal qualities, setting the stage for future exploration.

They had the chance to develop different pathway plans and list actionable steps for their career planning. The series of questions they may have come up with during the sessions will be followed up in the next session, where they will have the opportunity to interact with working professionals from the various workplaces and industries they are interested in.

From industry insights to educational pathways, we're guiding students towards fulfilling careers aligned with their passions. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next EXPLORE Workshop Series! 🌟

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