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PEER Community Programme's Session 2 & 4

Its May! 🌼 Let’s reminisce about the vibrant moments from the PEER Community Programme’s Sessions 2 & 4!

On 2 March 2024, PEER kicked off their 2nd mentoring session with exciting activities. In Tampines, the boys engaged in exhilarating bubble soccer matches while crafting flags to define their squad identity. 🎈 Meanwhile, the girls embarked on a thrilling adventure, solving mysteries in an escape room challenge. 🥸

In Woodlands, the boys unleashed their inner detectives, immersing themselves in solving intricate murder mysteries through case files. 🕵🏻 Simultaneously, the girls delved into the realm of AI technology, equipping themselves with invaluable skills to navigate various applications and software. 🖥

Fast forward to Session 4, our mentees immersed themselves in a dynamic Career Simulation game. 💼 This activity aimed to broaden their horizons, showcasing diverse career opportunities and boosting confidence by highlighting the relevance of their existing skills in the workforce. It was an enriching experience designed to equip mentees with practical insights as they journey towards their future career paths. ✨

That’s a wrap for Sessions 2 & 4! 🎬 Stay tuned for more exciting sessions ahead!

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