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New leadership at MENDAKI Club kicks off next term with brand refresh

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

  • The 11th Executive Committee (ExCo) of MENDAKI Club (MClub) begins their next 3-year term today, following the conclusion of the twenty-first Annual General Meeting (AGM).

  • Danial Hakim takes over from Faridah Mohd Saad as President; leads a team of young professionals from a range of career backgrounds armed with an equally commendable track record of community service.

  • MClub unveils a complete visual makeover of the 20-year old brand logo, featuring a fresh new look that seeks to attract a more diverse set of volunteers, and serve a broader base of youth beneficiaries.


Singapore, 18 March 2023 - A new 12-member Executive Committee (ExCo) of MENDAKI Club (MClub) begins their term today, following the conclusion of the twenty-first Annual General Meeting (AGM). The 11th ExCo is helmed by an impressive slate of young professionals from diverse career backgrounds including Public Service, Social Work, Technology and Consulting, armed with an equally commendable track record of community service. See Annex A for the full list of new members.

(11th ExCo of MClub: From L-R, Top Row: Suhaimi Zainal Shah, ExCo Member; Mikhail Kennerley, Treasurer; Attiya Ashraf Ali, Vice-President; Danial Hakim, President; Amalina Abdul Nasir, Vice-President; Siti Rasyidah, Secretary; Yuli Ardini, ExCo Member; Zhafri Azman, ExCo Member. From L-R, Bottom Row: Syakir Kamal, Assistant Treasurer; Fadhilah Abdul Rahman Zamawi, ExCo Member; Mohamad Saddiq, Assistant Secretary; Mohammad Matin Mohdari, ExCo Member)


New leadership with Mr Danial Hakim at the helm

Danial Hakim, 31, will take over from Faridah Mohd Saad and serve as President of the 11th ExCo. Danial is a policy maker in the public sector, with experience handling a range of portfolios at various Ministries. He also has legal experience, having been called to the Singapore Bar in 2017. Danial has been a volunteer with MClub since 2016 when he started the Legal Chapter, which organises programmes and workshops to expose Malay/Muslim secondary school and pre-university students to the legal industry. He has since contributed to other programmes which empower Malay/Muslim youths, having directed sector-specific career workshops in a range of fields, as well as leading the PEER Community Programme, a mentorship programme that seeks to uplift secondary school students.

The 11th ExCo will focus on ensuring that MClub's programmes deliver continued impact for the community, said Danial. “We hope to bring MClub forward to new heights by building on the good work done by the 10th ExCo. In particular, we will double down on efforts that seek to expand the proportion of participants from lower-income backgrounds, and tap on the range of talent and networks in the community to enhance our volunteer base. We will also shore up the diversity in representation for both volunteers and beneficiaries given the value that it brings to enhancing the community’s overall social capital. These are key priorities that the ExCo and I will undertake in the coming term to deliver a stronger slate of programmes for all.”

Danial will be joined by Attiya Ashraf Ali, 28, and Amalina Abd Nasir, 29, who will serve as the club’s two Vice-Presidents. Both are familiar faces to MClub, having served in the previous ExCO and directed the execution of programmes such as MGirl Co. and Re:Work respectively. Their full profiles can be found in the Annex B.

Growing from strength to strength

The 10th ExCo built on the good work of its predecessors to introduce key strategic shifts that helped to further advance MClub’s work and mandate under its tenure. These included shaping the values system of the youngest in our community when they are at the most impressionable age through programmes like PEER, EXPLORE, and the Youth Networking Forum, and giving our young adults a leg up as they prepare to enter the workforce and start their respective careers through initiatives such as Re:Work and MARA Mentoring. The team also forged new communities of support through MGirl Co. which sought to empower Malay/Muslim women, and spearheaded the Future Leaders' Initiative (FLi) to drive C-suite engagements and talent development opportunities for our next generation of community leaders. These resulted in nearly 3,000 youths supported throughout the term.

Faridah: “Even as we increase the breadth of programmes to cater to the diverse age range and interests of our community’s youth, we have always maintained a commitment to quality. To-date, our programmes have continued to achieve the highest scores in participant feedback.”

A fresh look to kick off MClub's next chapter

One of the important legacies of the previous ExCo is the delivery of a refreshed logo for MClub. After over 20 years, the new visual identity of MClub was unveiled today at the AGM. It seeks to define the next chapter of MClub’s journey and bring all programmatic brands of MClub under one coherent direction. The new brand features an abstract representation of a mountain range and the alphabet “M” which denotes Mendaki (to climb); reflecting MClub’s continued commitment to support our beneficiaries in their respective life journeys and climb towards success.

Umar Masagos, former MClub Vice-President who led the brand refresh initiative shared: “The new unified brand and accompanying visual communication assets will allow us to clearly communicate our value proposition and mandate in a way that would better resonate with the evolving needs of our beneficiaries, and reach out to a broader audience. It is also our hope that the fresh look will inspire more members from the community to step forward as volunteers, and join us in this effort of advancing MClub’s mandate.”

MENDAKI Club extends its deepest appreciation to its outgoing ExCo members, and warmest welcome to the new ExCo members.


We have also appended the following images from the AGM to accompany the release. Please download them via this link.

  1. The new 11th ExCo of MClub

  2. President’s handover picture: Mr Danial Hakim and Ms Faridah Mohd Saad

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Please do not hesitate to call or email the officers mentioned below should you require further information on this matter. Thank you.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Mohammad Matin Mohdari

ExCo Member and Director for MarComms, MENDAKI Club

HP: +65 9177 3146



Comms Senior Exec Asst, MENDAKI

HP: +65 8749 5636


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