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ExploreCAREERS at Raikan Ilmu

On 1st July, MENDAKI Club proudly hosted the third workshop of our ExploreCAREER series in collaboration with MTS, and it was a success! The event took place as part of the esteemed Yayasan MENDAKI's Raikan Ilmu kick off, and needless to say, our team was absolutely thrilled to be part of this exceptional occasion. ✨

The highlight of the day was none other than our first-ever career fair - an exciting and enriching experience that got everyone buzzing with enthusiasm! We showcased a diverse range of opportunities spanning six carefully selected industries, all presented through the innovative concept of a human library. The students had the incredible chance to interact with seasoned professionals from these industries, gaining firsthand insights and invaluable knowledge that had them wide-eyed and inspired. 💥

Stay tuned for all the fantastic things that MENDAKI Club is about bring out! Follow us on @MENDAKI Club for more updates! 🚀🌟

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