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Events Recap: 2nd Anniversary

Updated: Apr 18

On 7 October 2023, MGirl Co. marked and celebrated their 2nd anniversary!

The event was graced by MP Mariam Jaafar and MP Nadia Samdin! They highlighted the importance of having supportive communities. Their words resonated deeply, emphasising the comfort, inspiration and sense of belonging that such communities foster.

The event was also a platform for empowering women in both their mental and physical well-being journeys, serving as a beacon of inspiration for all. Afzan Yas offered a glimpse into her life and shared with the participants the importance of prioritising mental health, sparking meaningful conversations amongst the participants.

Afterwhich, participants were able to take part in a range of physical activities from Reformer Pilates to Circuit45, conducted by Activ.Co Studio.

If you like what you see, come and join us for our games night and breaking fast session on 29 March, and be a part of our community’s journey towards empowerment and growth! Registration link in bio!

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