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Wrapping up MARA Mentoring Programme 2023

✨ Closing the chapter on an incredible mentoring journey! ✨ Our MARA Mentoring Programme concluded on March 9th at Al-Falah Mosque.

It's been an enriching 6 months for both mentors and mentees, as we've learned and grown together. In our final session, we delved into the powerful topics of empowerment and impact. Mentees underwent #IAmRemarkable training, exploring self-promotion, bias challenge, and workplace inclusivity, while mentors reflected on the impact of their role in the community, discuss on ways to improve the programme, further fostering collaboration and engagement.

As we bid farewell, we took a moment to reflect on the journey through the MARA Programme and presented certificates to honour our mentors and mentees' dedication for the past 6 months. Till the next run of MARA Mentoring! ✨

This isn't just the end; it's the beginning of something profound. Thank you once again to our mentors and mentees for your dedications! 

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