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MENDAKI Club 24th Annual General Meeting & Volunteer Appreciation Day!

On 23rd March, MENDAKI Club held our 24th Annual General Meeting, paired with a heartfelt Volunteer Appreciation Day! 🎉 Reflecting on the past year’s milestones, we couldn’t help but beam with pride at the profound impact our MClub programmes have had on the Malay/Muslim community.

A highlight of the AGM was the heartfelt recognition of our dedicated volunteers. We honoured their unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions to our community initiatives. Here’s to all the volunteers, past and present for impacting the community! Wrapping up on a high note, the day ended with a burst of excitement as we engaged in a lively ‘Minute to Win It’ activity. We laughed, competed and celebrated together. Here’s to an exciting journey ahead! 🌟

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