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MARA Mentoring 2023 kickoff session

The anticipation turned into excitement as mentors and mentees united for the very first time during our MARA Mentoring kickoff session! Icebreaker games sparked laughter and camaraderie, and set the stage for this transformative journey. 🌠⁠

Mentees dived into an enlightening workshop, discovering the essence of mentoring and their roles as mentees. The power of conversation to gain fresh perspectives was emphasized, setting the tone for meaningful interactions. The goal-setting session also framed their mentoring voyage as it outlines the path ahead. Meanwhile, mentors were armed with the tools to engage and connect with the mentees, preparing both sides for a purposeful investment of time during this mentoring journey. 🤗⁠

MP Rahayu Mahzam graced the session with wisdom and vision, reinforcing the significance of this mentoring program. She urged mentors and mentees to embrace this journey wholeheartedly and support one another as they grow through challenges and hurdles. ⁠

Let the mentoring journey begin with open hearts and curious minds! 💪❤

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