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MARA Conversations - Polytechnic Edition

On 17th June 2023, MENDAKI Club organized a career conversation for polytechnic students – MARA Polytechnic 2023.

For polytechnic students, there comes the daunting decision of choosing pathways upon graduation, whilst being subject to narratives or conventions for choices to pick, which might not be comprehensive.

Thus, this initiative is part of MARA’s efforts to create a safe space to enable heart-to-heart conversations with M/M professionals who pursued varied pathways after Polytechnic. The fruitful session also aimed to empower the participants to make informed decisions about their future, whether they choose to embark on a career switch, pursue further education, or dive headfirst into the working world.

We hoped that this would give the participants a refreshing perspective and appreciation for there being no one right path, and how their Polytechnic background is a huge strength.

Do check out our social media account MENDAKI Club for more updates on upcoming events!

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