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ExploreCAREER with Madrasah continues with ExplorePROFESSIONS!

On 26 Aug 2023, we held the second workshop of our ExploreCAREER series for Madrasah students which was ExplorePROFESSIONS! ⁠

For ExplorePROFRESSIONS, we had a human library session filled with Malay-Muslim professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries. We covered four sectors - Multimedia & design, Public service and social service, Science and healthcare and Entrepreneurship.⁠

Through the session, the students were provided with a valuable glimpse into the world beyond their academic pursuits. This exposure not only broadened their understanding of the job market and diverse professions but also illuminated potential pathways and in-demand skills. Most importantly, they gained inspiring insights from successful former Madrasah graduates who shared their personal journeys, demonstrating how they leveraged their religious studies' background and personal experiences to overcome challenges and achieve their current success. ⁠

Watch this space to check out the next ExploreCAREER series workshop! 💫

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