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MARA Convention Returns As MENDAKI Club’s Largest Industry Networking Event for Malay/Muslim Undergraduates and Young Professionals in Singapore

Pictured: Group shot of participants of the MARA Convention 2023

The Impact of MARA Over The Years

Beyond the MARA Convention, MARA has also extended its support to the MM community through programmes like MARA Conversations and MARA Mentoring, which offers a comprehensive toolbox for MM students and young professionals to thrive in the fiercely competitive job market. MARA Conversations is a quarterly series of career-related discussions designed to help youths launch meaningful careers in today's competitive job landscape. The topics covered may range from industry-specific subjects to thematic areas of interest like career switches and upskilling. MARA Mentoring is a 6-month programme that aims at accelerating the career growth of high-potential undergraduates, enabling them to become community leaders and change-makers by granting access to a community of accomplished early career professionals.

Syahmi Bin Mansor, an IT professional who attended MARA Conversations, shared: "The session connected me with like-minded peers in search of fresh opportunities to venture and grow. I feel more confident in pursuing new experiences to progress my career."

Mohammad Hamman Afiq Bin Mohd Nazri, a MARA Mentoring mentee from Nanyang Technological University, lauded the programme and shared: "The MARA mentoring programme is very beneficial, especially for youths who are transitioning from studying to the working world.

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